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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

South Capitol – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico – Michael’s Blog

South Capitol, The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico


Since this is the neighborhood in which I live, I’m excited to tell you about this thriving district.  Settled at the turn of the last century there was need for housing close to the bustling Santa Fe Rail Yard. Homes here were built with Victorian architecture, Territorial brick design and Pueblo Revival styles; many of them made of adobe. From our house, we can walk to everything Santa Fe has to offer, including the new trains in the Rail Yard District, the downtown plaza, museums and the Santa Fe River.   The New Mexico Rail Runner will take you to Albuquerque for a mere $8.00. The neighborhood is home to The Farmer’s Market, fabulous art galleries, fine dining and cafes, and excellent shopping opportunities. Of course, the beautiful State Capitol building is here   I’d love to show you the area along with my new office located at 150 Washington Avenue

Michael’s Bit of Real Estate

Not all remodels are created equal.  You may already be familiar with Remodeling magazine’s popular Cost vs. Value report, which documents the average return on investment expected for specific improvement projects.  But have you taken into account the latest design trends that will make your home more desirable and thus more valuable?  For example, many buyers are seeking homes with hardwood, composite or travertine tile flooring because they require less maintenance than carpet and give a home a beautiful and natural feel.  Replacing carpeted areas with these contemporary flooring options can give your home a worthwhile face-lift.

My Business to Business Referral


Each week I present to you an outstanding business.  One of the unique services I provide when I take on the marketing of a home is to offer a complimentary “enhancement consultation”.  Let me introduce you to the professional talents of my wife, Tonia Prestupa. She is an Interior Designer extraordinaire.  Tonia designs classic and modern interiors that create harmony and ambience within the surrounding architecture.  Precious touches and exceptional objects are selected and crafted with rare skill from the finest of materials.  Above all is her unwavering conviction that beauty and comfort elevate the human spirit. Her elegant and luxuriously designed interiors are showcased in Santa Fe, Chicago, Palm Desert, Los Angeles and North Carolina.

If you need help with a special area of your home, office, closets or garage that is overwhelmingly cluttered or disorganized, Tonia’s skill as a Professional Organizer will help you restore not only your area of concern, but your sanity!

If you want to entertain a small group of friends or clients but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to put it all together, Tonia’s party planning company can design custom theme parties that are imaginative and memorable.  She can be reached at 505.919.9277 and her Email is santafetonia@gmail.com.  If you need something, please call me on my cell at 505.470.4180 or Email me at SantaFeUmphrey@gmail.com

Continued success,

Michael Umphrey

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