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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico


“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.”

-Benjamin Franklin

September is a perfect time to visit Santa Fe.  Not everyone realizes we have four seasons here in the high desert.  You’ll want to stay in great hotel or B &B, shop for cowboy wear, and eat in our fabulous restaurants.  Here’s a tip for being able to do all these things.  Although money is easy to spend, it’s often difficult to save. However, it’s never too late to develop the habits necessary to begin building a strong financial foundation for a more secure future.

The information I’m sending this month is intended to encourage you or a loved one to begin building wealth. Page one provides seven essential strategies to help you improve your financial habits and take charge of your finances. Page two outlines the five common situations where having an emergency fund to draw from is necessary to prevent debt and financial ruin.

Even if you’re an expert saver, this information will provide the added incentive to save. Share it with family and friends who may need extra help or guidance with this important topic.  You can call me at 505.470.4180 if you would like to receive my monthly Items of Value.




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