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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

Picnic-The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico-Michael’s Blog

Picnic-The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico-Michael’s Blog

Here we are at the beginning of July in Santa Fe and one of our family’s favorite pastimes is a picnic.  I carry a picnic basket in my car  at all times.

Mushrooming at The Santa Fe Ski Basin

No matter in what neighborhood you live, a five minute drive from your house will take you to  magical spots where you can spread your blanket and relax under a cottonwood along an acequia, a wild mountain stream or the Santa Fe River. I’ll make it really easy for you now by guiding you to a couple of our gourmet food shops where you’ll find the most tantalizing cheeses, breads, olives, wines, tins of sardines, and chocolates.

Whole Foods Deli Counters

Whole Foods Market has a several Deli counters of prepared foods offering a cornucopia of items ranging from the best of freshly rolled sushi to marinated strips of roasted beef that’ll melt in your mouth.  I’ll have to take a walk there now because writing this has made me ravenous……………………………..

There, that’s better.

To entice you still further, here’s a short video of the back room of The Spanish Table, where you’ll find inspiration along with everything you’ll need for your kitchen and picnic basket.

Give me a call  at 505.470.4180 and I’ll take you there personally.  Here’s wishing you a most wonderful 4th of July Holiday!  I’ll see you in the neighborhood,


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