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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

Agua Fria – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Agua Fria – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico


“To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day…………with a big iron on his hip”

~ Marty Robbins

If you’ve ever listened to this gunfighter ballad you may have wondered where this town might be or if it even exists.  It’s a traditional village just 3 miles west of downtown Santa Fe.  Agua Fria Street, (awa  freeah), meaning cold water, runs parallel to the Santa Fe River. This pleasant drive will take you from town almost to the Santa Fe Airport. Here, you can find such diversity as my office on the corner of Agua Fria and Guadalupe Streets, The International Institute of Chinese Medicine and  the spiritually-resourced graduate school, Southwestern College.

Give me a call at 505.470.4180 and I’ll play “Big Iron” for you, live.  I’ll see you in the neighborhood.

Continued success,

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