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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

The North Hills – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The North Hills – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Swirled beneath a fathomless night of bright, whispering stars is an area of Santa Fe known to the folks who live here simply as the North Hills.

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are part of the southern tip of the Rockies and this neighborhood is not only in that range but in the city limits. From Bishop’s Lodge Road turn right on Valley Drive and wind your way through a surprising assortment of architectural styles. Northern New Mexico pitched roofs, Mediterranean tiles, and Contemporary Pueblo all pepper the hillsides. Some of the attractions here are larger wooded parcels , the proximity to walking trails and arroyos the ease of biking and walking to town and the superb views sunset  and mountain views.  Driving into the hills you’ll eventually come to Hyde Park Road leading to the Santa Fe Ski basin.


Oil Stains On A Garage Floor

I ran across a tip on how to remove oil stains on a garage floor.

Remove the surface oil with cat litter to soak it up. Remove that and then make a paste of hot water and laundry detergent. Scrub it. If you need to, sparingly use oven cleaner.  I have lots of tips for use around the house and I’d love to share them. Give me a call at 505.470.4180 if you need any.

I’ll see you in the neighborhood!


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