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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

The Santa Fe River-The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Santa Fe River-The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is still celebrating its 400th year anniversary and is the oldest capital in the United States.  Here is an exuberant location where sumptuous elegance can hold the eyes of all who walk these narrow streets into Santa Fe’s little world of light, color and magic.  1500 years ago small groups of people were planting and cultivating corn in the fragility of existence along the Santa Fe River. The water’s source  is the ski slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The 46 mile long river gives 40% of the city’s water supply and was a tributary of the Rio Grande until the Cochiti Dam was built.  FEMA has nation-wide designations for levels of flood emergency such as areas of 100 year floodzones and 500 year flood zones. In 1767  much of the colonial portion of Santa Fe was devasted  by what could be called a 500 year flood, (meaning one could expect a flood once every 500 years). Flow is now released from the McClure Reservoir and the Nichols Reservoir. The lush, natural beauty of the silver threads of water nourish not only the soul of those who come to visit the city but the abundant wildlife, flora and fauna who depend on the living river. And it’s really going to flow this spring!  The Santa Fe Ski Basin will be closing for the season on the 4th of April.  Click here to see  The Live Web Camera at Ski Santa Fe.  The packed powder base  is 121 inches. 

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Let me introduce you to something extraordinary.  Kitchen Angels is an organization dedicated to providing free, nutritious, hot meals to our neighbors in Santa Fe who are homebound and facing life-challenging conditions.  To volunteer to cook or deliver, call Joy Martindell at 505.471.7780 and on the web at www.KitchenAngels.org. You’ll be glad you did.

If you need anything at all, feel feel free to call me at 505.470.4180

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