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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

Saveur Restaurant – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe,New Mexico

Saveur  Restaurant – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Today I decided drive through the web of streets to breakfast at one of my favorite French restaurants, Saveur.  I’ve known the proprietaires, Dee and Bernie Rusanowski, for many years and I was delighted to learn that they are returning tomorrow from a trip to the French countryside where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

With innovative hospitality they serve chef specials of gourmet soup (today is Seafood Chowder, Cream of Asparagus or Vegan Garden Vegetables).  For a real flavor of French cuisine Santa Fe locals come for breakfast and then  return for lunch to feast on the gorgeous abundance of Dee’s and Bernie’s sumptuous buffet selections.  The small restaurant is scrupulously clean, and the pride in which the chefs have prepared the food lets you know they’ve put their hearts around every detail. Dee and Bernie seem to know everyone by name and I’m glad they are back from France.  The address is 204 Montezuma Street and their number is 505.989.4200. Bon appetite!

Michael’s Minute of Real Estate

Here are some effective ways to lower your insurance premium without lowering your coverage.  Check out online resources.  Go to the Department of Insurance for your state to make an educated comparison of various companies.  Compare quotes from at least three different insurance companies to determine which one has the best coverage and premium.  Consider using one insurer for all your needs.  Some companies offer a multiple policy discount if you buy auto, home and life insurance policies from them as well.  Consider a higher deductible.  Increasing your deductible by just a few hundred dollars can make a big difference in your premium.  Check to see if you belong to any groups or organizations that can get you a lower rate.  Common examples include alumni associations and service clubs.  Dennis Rossi is my insurance agent at The Insurance Connection and he can be reached at 505.984.0206

My Business To Business Referral

Each week I let you know about an outstanding business in Santa Fe.  Let me introduce to you Luis Delgado, owner of Delgado Iron Works De Santa.

For ultimate privacy in our South Capitol neighborhood home Tonia and I had Luis manufacture and install a most beautiful iron gate.  His craftsmanship and ability to introduce ornate intricacies is unsurpassed. He can perform refurbishing or re-design and expert welding.  Luis is terrific at what he does and is a person I can put my name to.  Luis can be reached at 505.471.6605 and is located at 1310 Siler Road. Let him know I referred you and he will take excellent care of you.  If you need anything please feel free to give me a call at 505.470.4180.

I’ll see you in the neighborhood,


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