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The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe

Wilderness Gate – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico – Michael’s Blog

Wilderness Gate – The Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico – Michael’s Blog

Anyone who is a hiker in Santa Fe has enjoyed the trek on the Atalaya Mountain Hiking Trail.  The trailhead begins at one of the premiere neighborhoods in the city, Wilderness Gate.

Overlooking the city and the Rio Grande Valley, the luxury homes are sited on 5-acre parcels surrounded by tall Ponderosa Pines.  These spectacular woodlands contain a micro climate and you’ll find flora not seen elsewhere.  Close enough to the city to walk to town, Wilderness Gate is adjacent to the campus of St. John’s College.

This prestigious school offers the Great Books program, which is a four year curriculum of Western civilization’s most prominent contributors to philosophy, theology, mathematics, science, music, poetry and literature.

Michael’s Bit of Real Estate

The best advice I can give today is to move forward on your plan to purchase a home and thank me later.  Interest rates have increased in the last week.  The Chinese say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.

My Business to Business Referral

Each week I present to you an outstanding business.  Pat Malone is the producer, arranger and guitar player on all my recordings, including A Tender Santa Fe Christmas and my new jazz CD, We Were Wild, still in production.  His latest album, Spiraling Ecstasy, is described as “The music you need now.  The depth and subtlety of his music reaches past genre and becomes a place where sexuality and intelligence meet.  It will change the way you feel about Jazz”.  Pat and I have been worked together for 20+ years and is a person I can put my name to.  You can hear him play live Fridays from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Bishop’s Lodge Resort and with his amazing wife, Whitney, on Saturdays from 8:00pm to 11:00pm at La Posada in downtown Santa Fe.  If you need great music for an event, call him at 505.424.0493. Let him know I referred you and he will take extra special care of you.  If you need something, please call me on my cell at 505.470.4180 or Email me at mumphrey@Brisf.com

Continued success,

Michael Umphrey

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