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It’s hard for me to  believe that I’ve missed the opportunity to take my  family on a FREE trip to Albuquerque on the New Mexico  Rail Runner Express.  I’ve been looking forward to this exciting new service as we watched it being constructed over the past two years.  When the day came for its maiden run I pledged that we would take up the offer of 3 months of free trips to all residents.  My son, Nick, is in school  the trains are packed on weekends and we have a new Pug puppy.  The free rides ended yesterday.   Here are the facts: 

The train has carried more than 330 thousand passengers in three months since completing Phase II of its passenger service into Santa Fe on December 15, 2008.  The train provides commuter service within a 100-mile corridor which connects the two largest metropolitan areas in the state-Santa  Fe and Albuquerque, as well as rural communities in the corridor.  The Rail Runner holds the record for being the fastest start-up of a commuter train service in the nation.

Driving the new-found interest in trains is $8 billion that was tucked into the president’s economic stimulus legislation signed last month. The Department of Transportation is to distribute the money to embryonic high-speed rail projects around the country and to Amtrak, the national passenger rail service, to develop high-speed technology. The government isn’t wasting time. By next month, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is required to issue a strategic plan detailing how DOT will use the $8 billion. By June, his department is required to tell states how to apply for grants. Eleven proposed high-speed rail corridors on the West Coast, Texas, the Great Lakes states, the Southeast, Florida and the Northeast will be vying for a piece of the stimulus money.

Luckily, Spring Break offers another chance to ride. visit www.nmrailrunner.com/

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